Review: American Cherry at Kooriya Peace

American Cherry Kakigori at Kooriya Peace

The first time I visited Kooriya Peace I had two kakigori: Salt Caramel and American Cherry. So when I saw it up on the menu again I just had to get one. As I was waiting for my seat, the owner Yumi was excited to tell me that this kakigori is her #1 favourite.

When it arrived I was surprised, as it didn’t look like it had the year before. But from the first bite I was reminded why this is the owners favourite. The cherries were sour, but not overly sour. They were sweet, but not overly sweet. They were perfect. This was a cherry kakigori at its best. It had cherries on the top, along with a cherry jelly. The covering sauce was a cherry and rare cheese blend. Inside you, of course, had more cherries.

Two weeks later I was back at Kooriya Peace for my birthday. I started with the recently released Apricot and Yumberry, which was my first time trying Yumberry. I’ll have a review of that one up soon. I had been dreaming about the American Cherry and it was still on the menu so I ordered it again. Unfortunately this time it wasn’t as mindblowing as the first time. The cherries had started going out of season and weren’t nearly as sour or sweet. It was a good kakigori, don’t get me wrong, but it had lost the magic.

It was a lesson in being seasonal. And a lesson on trying the newly released kakigori as soon as possible. The owners are tasting fruits as the seasons change, and they waiting for the fruits to be perfect. Unfortunately though they sometimes keep them on the menu too long. I wouldn’t have been disappointed in it the second time if I hadn’t had it that first time a few weeks earlier. But just a reminder – when you see a new kakigori show up at your favourite shop, go quickly.

July 12 and July 25, 2019 at Kooriya Peace

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