Review: Soldum and Mango Lassi at Kakigori Ryan

Soldum and Mango Lassi Kakigori at Kakigori Ryan

Kakigori Ryan is one of those kakigori shops that close for the cooler seasons. And even when it is open, it doesn’t always have the most steady hours. It’s located in a bar, taking the space during the day and closing early (usually 5pm). Maybe this is why the prices are lower than you’d expect for kakigori of this quality.

Last year I missed my chance at their lassi kakigori so I was excited to see the Soldum and Mango Lassi kakigori pop up on their menu. First I had to look up what a soldum was, I had never heard of it before. There isn’t very much information on the internet but there was enough to let me know that soldum is a type of Japanese plum. Plum and mango sounded great! Kakigori Ryan is a short ride away so I jumped on my bike, went 5 minutes, and got hit by a sudden rain storm. I guess rainy season wasn’t quite finished with Japan yet. After taking shelter for 15 minutes it passed and I was on my way again.

I walked into the shop soaking wet and ready for some shaved ice. When it arrived I was again shocked with the size of it – combined with the price, which was just under ¥1000, I really have to say that Kakigori Ryan has the best value for the quality I’ve come across. The first bite was magical. It was sweet. It was sour. The lassi smoothed out both and helped it to not be overwhelming. This was one of the kakigori that really makes my taste buds explode and reinforces my obsession with it. This is a top level kakigori.

If you want to check out Kakigori Ryan make sure to check out their Instagram account, as the aren’t open every day. They usually put up a schedule at the beginning of each month. They also have a second, permanent location that’s Saitama, northwest of Tokyo.

July 24, 2019 at Kakigori Ryan

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